Against war, alongside women and girls for a welcome free from violence

21 April 2022 - D.iRe - Women on the Net against violence actively participates in welcoming Ukrainian women arriving at the Fernetti (Trieste) and Tarvisio (Udine) border crossings, in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia.

Thanks to the multi-year collaboration with UNHCR, D.i.Re is present in the Blue dot of UNHCR itself and of UNICEF, with expert operators and cultural mediators of the anti-violence centers of the Network, to give concrete support to women and girls fleeing the war. 

Of the more than 100.000 refugees who have arrived in Italy since the beginning of the conflict, more than 50.000 are women, often accompanied by girls and boys, amounting to about 35.000.

As also stated by UNHCR, arriving people are visibly fatigued by the journey and tested by conflict and flight. Both during the trip and once in Italy, they are exposed to the risk of abuse, gender-based violence, and - for children - the risk of family separation.

The two Blue Dot support centers launched on the border by UNHCR and UNICEF have the objective of offering an initial response to the most urgent needs of the people arriving.

The workers of the anti-violence centers, accompanied by the cultural mediators, welcome the women, giving them information on the anti-violence centers present on the Italian territory and all the activities they can benefit from, if in difficulty due to a situation of violence or mistreatment.

The presence of expert operators also guarantees the possibility of immediately intercepting any risk situations.

The GOAP association of Trieste - member of D.i.Re - will supervise the delegations on the spot and train on the specific issue of male violence against women all the operators who - in various capacities - will take care of the reception of Ukrainian refugees, so as to guarantee a shared approach in the situation of violence.

"We have chosen to be present also in this moment of passage of women arriving in Italy, to be able to support their path of freedom from the beginning. Many of these women will want to go home to Ukraine. During the period in which they remain in Italy, however, they will know that they have strong and safe points of reference to turn to in order to face violence suffered during the war or to stay safe in our country. As we know, war rapes are a constant in any conflict and we must be available to the women who have suffered them”Says Antonella Veltri, President of D.iRe - Women on the Net against violence. "Furthermore, this new activity of ours seemed to us the normal continuation of our commitment in favor of Ukrainian women, after the fundraising carried out in favor of the three women's organizations that in Ukraine are fighting to support them.”Continues Veltri.

This very important action in this very difficult moment of the war in Europe is part of the broader project of collaboration that has characterized the relations between D.i.Re - Women on the Net against violence and UNHCR and which has as its general objective that of  facilitate the access of women seeking asylum and refugees to the Anti-violence Centers of the D Network.i.King. Specifically, the concrete and immediate objective to be achieved is to strengthen support for women fleeing Ukraine, increasing awareness of violence against women and knowledge of this phenomenon in personnel who are in contact with refugees.

"We all have a feeling of great concern about the war in Ukraine and all wars, as well as the increased spending on weapons. Welcoming women and girls forced to abandon their homes, their lives, makes us active - once again - to try to counter the threats to everyone's freedoms, made even more evident by the war.”Concludes Veltri.