In case of immediate danger or suffered violence >>

Contact the police, the emergency room, or an anti-violence center.

- if you can't do it yourself ask someone to call them for you

- if you can escape, take your children with you and wait for the police to arrive


Useful numbers in case of violence:

Carabinieri - 112

State Police - 113

Health emergency - 118

Anti-violence Woman - 1522

Public utility toll-free number of the Department for Equal Opportunities for the emergence and contrast of intra and extra-family violence to the detriment of women.

È active 24 hours on 24 for all days of the year ed accessible from the whole national territory free of charge, both from fixed and mobile networks, with a welcome available in languages Italian, English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Telephone operators provide one first answer to the needs of victims of gender-based violence and stalking, offering useful information e un orientation towards public and private social and health services present on the national territory, such as i Anti-violence Centers.