18th November 2021 - The initiatives of D.i.Re – Donne in rete contro la violenza on the occasion of International day on violence against women and starting with the campaign Compose FREEDOM that the 21 28 to November it will make it possible to support the women welcomed by the 84 organizations that adhere to the network, with the 111 anti-violence centers and over 60 shelters in 19 regions, through a donation to the solidarity number 45591.

"There are several knots, the critical issues that we see in the Italian system in the fight against violence", said the president of D.i.Re Antonella Veltri. “We are still awaiting the release of the new National Anti-violence Plan, as the old plan expired in 2020 and therefore for almost a year. An irreparable delay that has put and puts all of us in difficulty, not only for the availability and access to funds, but above all for the impossibility of programming and planning interventions, which for the anti-violence centers of the network D.i.Re they go beyond welcoming women ".

“The definition and role of anti-violence centers in the anti-violence system and the governance In our opinion, the main critical points in the draft Plan anticipated by the press so far are in order to make the planned interventions effective ”, added Veltri.

Over 20.000 women are welcomed by D.i.Re in 2020, a figure consistent with previous years even if slightly down. While they have been minus the women who made their first access to the refuge in 2020, which went from 14.431 in 2019 to 13.390 (- 7,2 per cent).

“For the first time, the figures show a decrease compared to the previous year, a figure that is certainly from relate with the period of lockdown that characterized 2020 ”, he explained Paula Sdao, which together with Sigrid Pisanu takes care of the annual statistical survey of D.i.Re. “This is despite the increase in violence that we have recorded in the monitoring done by D.i.Re in the months of March and April of last year, when requests for help came predominantly from women who had already had contact with the anti-violence center ".

They are confirmed for the rest data in trend with the surveys of previous years: the violence suffered is almost always violence in intimate and domestic relationships, the perpetrator is to a large extent the partner or former partner (72,3 percent of cases), in the vast majority of Italian origin (76,4 per cent) "Confirming that violence is a structural phenomenon, as D.i.Re always repeats ”, underlines Paola Sdao.

Supported by anti-violence centers, women who 27 percent of them initiate a judicial process by denouncing violence, compared to 10 per cent estimated by ISTAT. The paths in the courts, however, often result in situations of secondary victimization, as the survey found The (non) recognition of domestic violence in civil and juvenile courts made by the Advocate Group of D.i.Re and presented last July.

For this D.i.Re today presents its new Secondary Victimization Observatory.

"It is the institutions that should support women when they decide to stop the violence, civil and juvenile courts for the separation and custody of sons and daughters, and also social services, to act behaviors that re-legitimize women ", he said Nadia Somma, contact person of the Observatory.

“With the law 54/2006 the concept of the two-parenting, which no one questions in the separations that occur in the presence of good relationships in the couple, but which has instead become a dogma to be imposed regardless of the situation that existed in the couple before the decision to separate”, Underlines Nadia Somma. "All this makes it much more difficult for women to get out of violence."

"A woman who has suffered violence and a man who is violent and abusive cannot be put on the same level, as instead happens, because this leads women to be judged as impeding mothers by CTU who are based on the false principles of parental alienation, to reach cases in which the children are entrusted to the violent father, the mother is judged to have fallen and even away from their children for years, as denounced by various groups of mothers who consistently demonstrate before the courts ”, added Somma.

D.i.Re will launch on November 24 starting at 14.30pm a Facebook marathon where the anti-violence centers belonging to the network will be able to present their work.

"The anti-violence centers are spaces for civic activism, not for 'voluntary work' in the classic sense of the term, even if most of the workers are volunteers", Antonella Veltri underlined in closing, "because our commitment stems from a precise feminist political choice . Because of this we will be in the square on November 27 in the great event of Non una di less in Rome. To reiterate once again that the anti-violence system as it is does not work if women continue to be killed ".


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