"The sentencing of Genovese, accused of sexual violence against a woman, restores the sense of our party constitution. We hope that such judgments can represent stages in a path of awareness and structural change, which jurisprudence can treasure. We have decided to become a civil party in this process of sexual violence, because we believe it is important to be present in the courtrooms, to restore closeness, solidarity, presence to women who undertake the difficult path with justice and also to avoid any forms of secondary victimization : still too often women suffer further violence precisely in the places intended to restore them justice, to compensate for the damage suffered"Declares Antonella Veltri, President D.i.Re - Women on the Net against violence. "There are still few who ask for justice after the violence they suffer; many, however, are those who turn to an anti-violence center of our network”Continues Veltri.  "Restoring trust to women means changing the culture even in the courtrooms, where adequate training is still lacking: prejudices and stereotypes still inhabit the places of justice today.”Concludes Veltri

"It is not the penalty in its entity that interests us because it is not what women are interested in, but we express satisfaction with the sentence because it represents the recognition of the truth told by women, the recognition of violence against them and the effort to get out of it, also through the judicial path " says Francesca Garisto, criminal lawyer of the Avvocate D.i.Re. “This sentence represents not only the condemnation of a man but of a system and a culture that still allows the indiscriminate use of the bodies of women deprived of souls. We await the reasons for the sentence in the hope that it represents a virtuous precedent for jurisprudence " Garisto concludes.