Together for women

To build a better future we need the commitment of the entire community.
For this reason, Conad asks its customers to join together to support women's rights by purchasing a begonia for €4,99/pack. in its Conad stores.

For each plant purchased, €0,50 will be donated to the D Association.i.Re. – Women online against violence, to support shelter homes.

Conad has supported it for years D.i.Re with the aim of strengthening the network, innovating and expanding the areas of action and its visibility.

Thanks to the constant support of CONAD we were able to organize itinerant training courses to increase the skills of the operators of the anti-violence centers, strengthen the associative teams also through targeted meetings and national meetings.

Conad's donation also contributed to increasing the visibility of the association at national and international level, spreading operational models and best practices, expanding the area of ​​planning and fundraising, producing homogeneous qualified data on women welcomed in anti-violence centers.

Thanks to Conad, the first was also conducted qualitative research in Italy on the reception of women seeking asylum and refugees in situations of violence and trafficking.