Compose FREEDOM it is the campaign that D.i.Re launches on the occasion of the International Day on Violence Against Women, and that will be active from 21 to 28 November 2021.

Created in collaboration with a group of female students of the master's course in Art Direction & Copywriting of the Politecnico di Milano - the campaign Compose FREEDOM underlines the important support action to all women living in a situation of abuse or violence for regain the freedoms stolen and support them in recomposing their lives.

“The anti-violence centers of the network D.i.Re they offer free support, including shelter in emergency situations. This is possible not only thanks to the work of thousands of volunteers, but also because the State has recognized the public utility value of the anti-violence centers and has provided annual funding, based on the National Anti-violence Plan. Since 2020, the National Anti-violence Plan has expired and has not been renewed so far. We see great difficulties facing the anti-violence centers in the months to come. A small donation, but made by many people, is not only a great help, but a strong testimony of the collective commitment to say NO to violence "

Antonella Veltri, President of D.i.Re.  

The campaign will mainly be based on a video lesson to which he gave voice Serena Dandini, author and TV presenter alongside D.i.Re, And accessory declinations, online and offline.

The solidarity SMS number is 45591: by sending an SMS you can donate 2 euros, while with a phone call from a landline number you can donate 5 or 10 euros. 

I proceeds of the campaign will go to implement the AUTONOMY Fund di D.i.Re, dedicated to supporting women in the phase of leaving shelters and paths. With this Fund D.i.Re supports women in their expenses for housing autonomy, self-employment, the management of daughters and sons. It is always a very important support, sometimes indispensable.

The campaign will be on air from 21 November to 28 November on SKY, La7, Radio Polare and on the association's social channels.
In the same period the video will be published by Poste Italiane su 7600 Postamat throughout Italy. 

They support the campaign Valentina Rhodes, Olympic gold medal together with Federica Cesarini in women's rowing, double lightweights, together with female players Sarah Baldi e Alessia Papi of Fiorentina, Linda Tucceri e Kristin Tchouchev of MilanMagdalene Porcarelli of Naples, Ariadne Boldrini of Roma, currently on loan to Ravenna, Paola Boglioni and Giulia Bursi e Valeria Gardel of Sampdoria, Angela Apples of La Spezia, Bianca Bardin of Empoli, Chiara Mele of Chievo Verona, Violet Brambilla of San Marino e Julia Ferrer Diaz of Lugano.