Think back to your current or past love affair and answer the questions below.

Always want to know what you are doing, where you are and who you are with?

Check your phone or log into your facebook, twitter account?

Does it prevent you from working and / or studying, or from pursuing any hobbies?

Does it check if and how you spend your money, or does it claim to manage it?

Does he insult you, always criticize your behavior or discredit everything you do?

Is it physically violent? Has he ever hit you, slapped, kicked and / or punched you?

Does it prevent you from maintaining relationships with your friends, girlfriends, work colleagues and / or family members?

Does it threaten to harm you and / or your loved ones?


If you answered "siFor most questions call the toll-free number 1522, the operators will show you the nearest anti-violence center to ask for information and help or consult the list of anti-violence centers .