Day 23 June 2017, at 18,00, the new headquarters of the Cedav onlus in Via Monsignor Bruno, n. 14 (former Orthopedic Workshops).

The Cedav members have spent the last five years as wandering, precarious, as befits those who have no money and do not want to sell off their identity, in times where almost everything is bought.

Today thank you all those who believed in us and gave us the opportunity to continue to be close to women who suffer violence, in captivity, yes, but with the same passion and seriousness as always.

Therefore, Cedav had been looking for a house for several years, a stable home, where to meet and meet with ease the women who turn to the women's anti-violence center to ask for help and get out of the coercion of a husband, a violent partner.

The property in question was awarded by Cedav following a notice published by the Municipality of Messina, won by the Association, for which, in truth, a long battle was necessary, and it was restructured thanks to a donation that PANGEA Foundation onlus it had for some time been assigned to the Cedav non-profit organization as a center for women in southern distress.

Today, having found a home for Cedav represents not only a logistical goal, the physical walls, but also the possibility of being able to continue to develop the project with ease that has been experimenting continuously in the Messina area for 28 years.

The preparations to fill “our home"Fervent, with signs, narratives and images that tell our story, which testify to the degree of cultural and social change achieved in these long years, mirroring the symbolic, community contents that the Association carries with it.

Our house" it will represent the personality of women who work for women and who have the ambition to continue to be useful to the city, to the women and men with whom they live.

Therefore, the new headquarters will be the place for welcoming and listening to women who suffer violence and decide to turn to the Women's Anti-violence Center but it will also be a vital space that we want to share with other people who look to respect in relationships between women and the men.

Many women will accompany us in this new adventure, starting with the girls of Movement NOT ONE LESS, which have begun to create for us a murals, through a competition of ideas, whose contents " they must not contain elements such as blood, barbed wire and various other images that recall violence. The message must be extremely positive and colorful, a glance that exudes life .. ", with the first stage on June 17th and ending on June 23rd in the morning. There will be some of our artist friends who will exhibit their works and many friends, in these days, are close to us, taking action with help, suggestions and… solidarity.

At the inauguration they will be our "godmothers" women who are referenced in the INTEGRATED NETWORK aimed at combating gender-based violence in the city of Messina and who with us have walked and are walking to make the battle against male violence in our territory more credible and effective.

Carmen Currò

President of Cedav onlus