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State Regions Agreement: D.i.Re asks for the approval of the Equal Opportunities Department to be suspended

2022-09-14T12:08:28+02:0014 September 2022|Press releases, News|

The National Anti-violence Network expresses concern about the approval of a text which - presented in a non-amendable form - does not consider the necessary observations of those who have been working alongside women for over 30 years to combat male violence. For this reason, a communication was sent yesterday to the heads of the Equal Opportunities Department, hoping that the dangerous critical issues reported would be heard.

Male violence against women: where are we?

2023-01-11T13:12:26+01:00July 13 2022|Press releases, News, Studies and Research|

July 13, 2022. The National Association D.i.Re – Donne in Rete contro la violenza has published the new report on data referring to 2021. For 15 years, D.i.Re carries out the collection of data on the activities of member organizations, which makes it possible to achieve three objectives: illustrate the characteristics of the organizations that are part of it, the services and resources they offer, collect data on women received and on the violence suffered, collect information on the perpetrator of violence.

Genoese process: D.i.Re revokes the constitution of a civil party against the former partner and co-defendant

2022-07-08T11:36:10+02:00July 8 2022|Press releases, News|

July 7, 2022. The National Association D.i.Re – Donne in Rete contro la violenza decided to revoke the civil action against SB, at the time the defendant's fiancée, co-accused in the trial of Alberto Genovese, the former web entrepreneur, accused of sexual violence aggravated by the use of drugs, injuries and drug transfer.

Ukraine Emergency / World Refugee Day: UNHCR-UNICEF's action continues in partnership with ARCI, D.i.Re, Save the Children and Stella Polare in response to people on the run

2022-06-16T10:37:43+02:00June 15 2022|Press releases, News|

A little more than 100 days after the start of the conflict and in two months of activity, the two blue dots - safe spaces dedicated to women, children and people with specific needs, opened in Friuli Venezia Giulia by UNHCR and UNICEF in partnership with ARCI, D.i.Re, Save the Children and Stella Polare, have already reached 2600 people.

D.i.Re – Donne in Rete contro la violenza with UNHCR and UNICEF

2022-04-21T16:18:14+02:00April 21 2022|Press releases, News|

D.iRe actively participates in welcoming Ukrainian women arriving at the border crossings of Fernetti (Trieste) and Tarvisio (Udine), in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia. Thanks to the multi-year collaboration with UNHCR, D.i.Re it is present in the Blue Dot of UNHCR itself and of UNICEF, with expert operators and cultural mediators of the anti-violence centers of the Network, to give concrete support to women and girls fleeing the war. 

Italian state inadequate in the protection of women who report. Another conviction in a case of domestic violence for Italy by the European Court of Human Rights.

2022-04-07T16:39:16+02:00April 7 2022|Press releases, News|

Today is the sentence of the Edu Court in the Landi v. Italy case which again condemns our country in a case of domestic violence in which a child lost his life at the hands of his father. Once again the Edu Court notes the inadequacy of the Italian state in protecting women who report domestic violence and their children.

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