"The civil plaintiff admission of the Trame di Terra and NonDaSola associations - which are part of the national network of anti-violence centers D.i.Re – has great value because they are the guardian of women's freedom from male violence in every area. The role of anti-violence centers is fundamental and must be supported and recognized because anti-violence centers make a difference in women's lives” declares Elena Biaggioni, vice president D.i.Re – Women on the Net Against Violence “we believe – continues Biaggioni – that the specificity of the intervention of the Anti-violence Centers should be highlighted more and more, fundamental subjects in cases of male violence against women who have experience gained in decades of activity. "

D.i.Re – Donne in Rete against violence and the 82 organizations that form it, will continue to support women in their paths of justice, even when – as in the case of Saman Abbas – it is too late to intervene positively. The anti-violence centers protect women's rights even in the Court, even after a femicide, for all. 

"Saman, like many girls, was only trying to be free and to be able to determine herself. The association Not Alone, forming a civil party in the trial against the defendants, wants to give a voice to all women who have no voice, deprived of fundamental rights, of the right to speak, to study, to choose to self-determination, to live. The difficulty for these girls is that of having to acknowledge that they cannot even trust their own family, and to defend themselves they are forced to sever all ties with them forever.” declares Giovanna Fava, NonDaSola lawyer “In the case of forced marriages, the family unites against the "disobedient" girl and, while the girls can be intercepted, it is very difficult to intercept their mothers, who are often isolated and  without any knowledge of the languageFava concludes.

"Our feminist practice, which always makes us stay close to and together with migrant women, has allowed us to bring out issues that have almost never been taken up by politics” declares Tiziana Dal Pra, Honorary President of Earth textures." The fight against forced marriages and the limitation of women's freedoms are at the heart of our daily actions. Hence our constitution as a civil party in the trial of the assassins of Saman Abbas” concludes Dal Pra.

In this case, the public recognition of a work such as that of Trame di Terra is particularly relevant, which for years has been addressing and elaborating the issue of violence against women in migratory contexts and which has long since investigated the issue of forced marriages, as well as the work that NonDaSola has been carrying out in the area for years, supporting women in situations of abuse or violence.