"The Cartabia reform has offered Genovese an opportunity presented on a silver platter, that of further reducing a sentence that had already been generously contained, with the result that it is the offended people who are waiting to obtain adequate compensation, with the concrete risk that the defendant will be released sooner than they will be compensated” declares Francesca Garisto, criminal lawyer of the Network of lawyers D.i.Re, who represented D.i.Re in the filing of a civil action in the trial against Alberto Genovese.

D.i.Re – Donne in Rete against violence will continue to monitor the effects that the justice reform has and will have in trials for crimes related to male violence against women, hoping that no accountability and trivialisation will be achieved and that "effective sanctions" will be pursued , proportionate and dissuasive” that the Istanbul Convention imposes for crimes of violence against women.