D.i.Re – Women on the Net against violence launches an appeal to Italian rectors: let's open our universities to Afghan students and female researchers. Let's restore dignity to the intelligence of a country in check.

A further, last squeeze on the freedom of women in Afghanistan: the absolute ban on university attendance, which comes less than three months after thousands of girls and women have sat the university entrance exams across the country. Last spring, the Taliban had already banned female students from attending school beyond the sixth grade, the equivalent of our sixth grade.   

Women's freedom is held hostage by a regime that has rapidly excluded them from public life and education, thus setting the stage for a future of oblivion for all Afghan women.

D.i.Re -Donne in Rete contro la fuoco considers it essential to build an institutional network of reception, so that culture is not stopped by despotic power and invites academic institutions to confront each other to make possible the desire of Afghan women to study and live free from oppression of a power that erases all freedom.

"Our appeal to the rectors is meant to be a sign for all institutions. We cannot stand still in the face of oppression and the annulment of fundamental freedoms”Declares Antonella Veltri, President D.i.Re - Women on the Net against violence. "Symbolically and concretely opening our faculties to women who will be able to arrive is a real response to enhance intelligence and to reaffirm that women's freedom is an essential element for building a dignified future for all” continues Veltri. “As long as – somewhere in the world – women's freedom is held hostage to power, the future will be at risk” concludes the President.