all of May makes Bold is Beautiful, the campaign of Benefit Cosmetics, a unique opportunity to contribute through a beauty gesture for oneself - the epilation of the eyebrows in Brow Bar Sephora - in support of D.i.Re Networking women against violence, the national network of anti-violence centers, and transforming the lives of thousands of women.

Bold is Beautiful was born in 2015 in the USA from an idea of ​​the founders of Benefit Cosmetics Jean & Jane Ford to thank the women who had been and are the architects of the company's success from 1976 to today.

This year the campaign, which takes place simultaneously in 21 countries around the world, sets itself the ambitious goal of raise the record sum of $ 6 million, which will be invested as always entirely in support of associations that promoteempowerment of women.

In Italy, where Bold is Beautiful has reached its third edition, the total amount raised so far has been well € 417.163.

For the commitment to support D.i.Re Benefit also received the Special Award "Against violence against women" from the Sodalitas Foundation last year.

Testimonials from Simona Marabitti, operator of the anti-violence center The Waves of Palermo, one of the founding centers of the network D.i.Re

“With the funds raised by Bold is Beautiful D.i.Re formed the Endowments of autonomy, available to women leaving the shelters and with greater economic difficulties to face the more substantial expenses of their new autonomous life ", explains Simona Marabitti.

“For example, we supported Angela *, who now finally has a home in which to live peacefully with her two girls. We helped her pay for utilities and rent as well as after-school care for the girls so that she can get back to work and be independent. Another girl bought a used car instead, to be able to go to work, and another one enrolled in a massage course thanks to which she found a stable job. These are just a few examples of what we manage to do every day thanks to Benefit and this fantastic project ".

Also this year the funds raised will be shared with the Milanese association Mamme a scuola, which ensures the teaching of the Italian language as L2 and support in the work and social integration and mothers of foreign origin residing in Milan.

The complete list of Sephora Beauty Stores participating in the Bold is Beautiful campaign is available on the website


* The name has been changed to protect privacy.