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Course details:

- Violence in intimate relationships between lesbians (9-10 April, Rome)
- What does fundraising mean. A toolbox of basic principles and techniques for setting up a fundraising strategy in anti-violence centers (15-16 April, Milan)
- Sexual violence: Understanding and healing of trauma. Counseling with a feminist approach for women victims of sexual violence (23-24 April, Bologna)
- Working with migrant women. The anti-violence centers in the challenge of the changes taking place (6 - 7 May, Naples)
- Networking as an operational and strategic tool for anti-violence centers (13 -14 May, Palermo)
- Digital communication oriented to anti-violence centers (21-22 May, Bologna)
- Social planning: How to orient in times of crisis. A laboratory for the workers of the anti-violence centers (May 26-27, Venice)